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Buying Beef 101

Why purchase beef from Ziegenhagen Farms over a grocery store or meat market?

When purchasing meat from Ziegenhagen Farms, you will be helping to support a local family.  We truly enjoy raising steers to feed our family, your family, and our community. Given that the beef is raised locally, your family will know where it came from and you are always welcome to come visit the farm and view our steers. In terms of quality, our grain finished animals frequently receive prime or choice carcass grades. 

What will a purchase include?

When you purchase beef from Ziegenhagen Farms, you will be buying a whole, half, or quarter steer. When purchasing a quarter steer, you will receive half of a front quarter and half of a rear quarter. All of our beef is processed by Beck's Meat Processing

What is the cost?

All of our prices are based off of current beef market prices. While market prices change often, it means that you will always be purchasing beef at the lowest price it is being sold for in the area. 

Our meat is sold based on the steer's hanging weight. For example, an average steer weighs approximately 1,400 lbs. At 60% of live weight, the hanging weight of that animal would be 840 lbs. With a market price of $1.65 on hanging weight, a full steer would cost $1,386 and a quarter would cost $347. 

A processing fee is also paid directly to Beck's Meat Processing at approximately $0.65 per pound on hanging weight. For a full listing of processing prices, please click here

In total, you will take home your packaged beef for approximately $3.15 per pound. 

How to Order

Place orders to Matt Ziegenhagen via text message, telephone, or email


[email protected]

A $100.00 down payment is collected per quarter at the time of order. 

Once an order is placed, a date will be set up for your meat to be processed. Prior to the processing date, you will call in your cutting order to Beck's Meat Processing at (920) 589-2104. You will be notified when your beef has been processed and will pick it up directly from Beck's. An invoice for the remaining balance will be mailed to you after your steer has been processed and picked up. At this time, payment is only accepted in the form of cash or check.

Beef Terms

Hanging weight: The weight of beef after the head, hide, feet, and organs have been removed from the steer. This weight is approximately 60% of the live weight of an animal. 

Packaged weight: The weight of beef after it has been trimmed off of the bone and processed. Packaged weight is approximately 75% of the hanging weight.

Marbling: Marbling is the intermingling or dispersion of fat within the lean meat. Degree of marbling is the primary determination of quality grade.

Prime quality: Prime beef is the highest quality of beef. Prime beef has abundant marbling and is generally sold in restaurants and hotels. Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed beef cattle.

Choice quality: Choice beef is high quality and has a moderate degree of marbling. 

Select quality: Select beef is very uniform in quality and normally leaner than the higher grades. It is fairly tender, but because it has less marbling, it lacks some of the juiciness and flavor of the higher grades.

Standard quality: Standard beef has minimal traces of marbling. Standard beef is frequently sold as ungraded or as store brand meat.